Inventors of Camp Verde

Camp Verde is a small community, but a talented community filled with artists, musicians, farmers, entrepreneurs and even inventors. Many of the community members own patents to a variety of innovative ideas. Here are a few of our talented inventors we call neighbors past and present: 

Dick Tinlin

Local Pecan Farmer, Dick Tinlin holds Patent Number 7,698,882 for his Dr. T’s Easy Pickin’s Nut Harvester. This unique device is a ‘pecan picker upper.’ Tinlin designed the device to pick and carry pecans from the smallest, size 6, to the largest, number 18.

Robert Wilson

Motorcycle enthusiest Robert Wilson holds Patent Number 6,167,849 for a device designed for motorcycles that serves as both a crankcase breather for the engine and an oil collector. But his inventive spirit doesn’t stop there, he and his wife also hold a patent for a motorcycle foldaway luggage rack. 

Shelly Macdonald

Shelly Macdonald holds Patent Number 6,704,935 for tanning glasses with adjustable opaque eyecups. The system is intended to provide custom fit, and therefore safer eye protection for people who use tanning beds.

Jasper McCune and John Davis

On May 23, 1899, Camp Verde farmers Jasper McCune and John Davis became the first valley residents to patent an idea. Patent Number 625,694 was issued to the two for attachments that allowed a farmer to plow from either side of their draft animal “so as to permit a furrow being made close to an obstruction, and the dirt being thrown toward or from the same.”