Montezuma Well, The Bottomless Abyss

A study conducted by the U. S. Geological Survey concluded that the water entering Montezuma Well comes from the Redwall Limestone Formation, 750 feet below the Well’s surface. But for years visitors believed the Well to be “bottomless.” Their conclusion was based on both fact and fiction. A doctor assigned to Fort Verde in the late 1800s found bottom at 65 feet, but embarrassed because he had rounded up several hundred feet of rope to send to the bottom, instead soaked it all and returned to the fort to announce it was “bottomless.” The 19th century journalist claimed to let out 380 feet of rope without hitting bottom. And modern scientist had been unsuccessful in their attempts to find bottom when probing the two vents that feed water into the well. Furthermore, Yavapai and Apache stories tell of their emergence from the underworld into this world, through Montezuma Well.