Dark Sky Festival

Dark Sky Festival

Celebrate all things stars and space at this year’s Dark Sky Festival.
Join us for food trucks, family fun, Dark Sky Art, films, and special guests from Lowell Observatory and Switzerland!

Keynote Speaker: Pascal Oesch, PhD, Assistant Professor at the University of Geneva, Switzerland

Pascal Oesch, PhD is a world expert in galaxy evolution studies. Pascal’s area of focus of research is to understand the build-up and assembly of the first generations of galaxies with data provided by the Hubble and Spitzer Space Telescope. His discoveries include the most distant known galaxy to date, GN-z11, whose light traveled 13.4 billion years to reach us.

Join him for his lecture on “The Evolution of Galaxies: From the Early Universe until Today

The Evolution of Galaxies
from the Early Universe until Today

by Pascal Oesch, PhD

“The questions of our cosmic origins and our place in the Universe have always fascinated humanity. Over the last two decades, astronomers have made great progress in tracking the evolution of galaxies across cosmic history. Thanks to deep observations with telescopes from the ground as well as the Hubble Space Telescope, we… “