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Economic Development

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Economic Development


The Camp Verde Economic Development Department pursues a growth model that balances conventional economic initiatives with creative placemaking. The Department is committed to providing the tools needed to grow a healthy, vibrant and diverse economy, while maintaining those resources the community has identified as worth protecting, including a healthy Verde River, the community’s rich history, its agricultural assets, and its scenic beauty.  

What is Economic Development?

Economic development is the intentional practice of improving a community’s economic well-being and quality of life. It includes a broad-range of activities to attract, create, and retain jobs, and to foster a resilient, progrowth tax base and an inclusive economy. The practice of economic development comprises of a collaborative effort involving industry, government and myriad community stakeholders.–International Economic Development Council (IEDC)

The Economic Development Umbrella

  • Business/Industrial Recruitment
  • Existing Industry
  • Tourism
  • Downtown Revitalization
  • Commercial/Retail Development
  • Research & Development/Entrepreneurs
  • Workforce Development

Layers of ED: 

  • State Level
  • Regional Organizations
  • Local Level (City, Town, County)
  • Private Sector (Developers, Brokers, etc.)
  • Other (Utilities, Universities, etc.)
  • Individuals