Sign Code Workshop

Thank you to everyone who had a chance to attend our Sign Code Workshop. We appreciate all the feedback and input we received. 

See available documents below for download.

Sign Code Regulations

2015 Supreme Court decision in Reed vs Gilbert affects Municipalities abilities to regulate sign codes based on content. The Court concluded that its decision does not limit a municipality’s ability to regulate signage, so long as the regulation is content neutral. For instance, “size, building materials, lighting, moving parts, and portability” may be regulated without reference to a sign’s message. Further, “on public property, the Town may go a long way toward entirely forbidding the posting of signs, so long as it does so in an evenhanded, content-neutral manner.”

Municipalities are not powerless to enact sign regulation, and the Court provided a non-inclusive list of content neutral criteria:

  • Rules regulating the locations in which signs may be placed;

  • Rules distinguishing between lighted and unlighted signs;

  • Rules distinguishing between signs with fixed messages and electronic signs with messages that change;

  • Rules that distinguish between the placement of signs on private and public property;

  • Rules distinguishing between the placement of signs on commercial and residential property;

  • Rules distinguishing between on-premises and off-premises signs;

  • Rules restricting the total number of signs allowed per mile of roadway; and

  • Rules imposing time restrictions on signs advertising a one-time event.

Thank you for attending!

Cris McPhail (Landscape Architect), Joe Nask (Verde Valley Resale), Lydia Dartt (Whistlestop Screen Print Shop), Chance Hauser (Hauser Built & Hauser Power, Sign Maker), Michelle Castillo (Michelle Lee Photography), Daulton Venglar (Larson Newspapers), Gabriela Goodman (Gabriela’s Taco Shop), Rebecca Jamason (Style Up Salon), Tim Stewart (Stewart Stucco), Rick Rosenzweig (Sound Investments), Jim Binick (Engineer, Board of Adjustments and Appeals Chairman), Ken Darwin (KDA Studio, Architect Design), Sheri Hauser (Glorybound Publishing, Camp Verde Business Alliance), Marshall & Jane Whitmire (Residents, Former P&Z, Professional Consultants), Alex Goetting (Verde Brewing Company), Irene Rezzonico (Camp Verde Feed Store), John Smoley (NRL Mortgage), Dave Freeman (Dad’s Rod Shop), Julie Scott (Camp Verde Business Alliance), Jenny Buck (Contemporary Resorts, New Red Moon RV Park at HWY 260/I-17), Bill Jump (Out of Africa), Charles Wagner (Verde Sol Air), and June Trinidad (The UPS Store); Community Members: Janet Kissinger, Jenna Williams, Thomas Noble, Kathy Noble, Brian Phelps.

Next Steps

  • Tuesday, February 12th 5:30 – 7:00pm Sign Code Workshop #2: Discussion & Follow Up at Camp Verde Community Library
  • Wednesday, March 13th at 5:30pm Joint P&Z/Town Council Work Session
  • Public Hearing at P&Z
  • Town Council Meeting for Action
  • Adopted or Keep Working
    • If Adopted, effective in 30 days


We are here to listen.

Please contact us and share your sign code issues and recommendations.