Tour Stop 8: Joe Lane’s Red Star Saloon, c. 1900

396 South Main Street, Camp Verde, AZ 86322

Like so many historic buildings on Camp Verde’s Main Street, the building known today as the Montezuma Inn has experienced many incarnations. Constructed as the Joe Lane Saloon, the building was also known as the Red Star Saloon due to the colorful stenciled star over the door. The original structure included a false front facade to give the cheaply built wood building a more imposing appearance. Its glass entry door opened on to Lane Street, later renamed Hollamon Street.

Over time it was also a cafe, a hotel and the Trailways Bus Depot. In its role as the Depot, the building had Camp Verde’s first pay telephone, which had slots for nickels, dimes, and quarters. If you were handy, you could substitute a dime by ‘punching a nickel’ and make your calls for half-price.

The Red Star Saloon, the building now houses a collection of small businesses and remains one of Main Street’s most iconic structures.

Red Star Saloon