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Altered Confections

Altered Confections

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Freeze Dried Candy


Candied Nuts

DnR Freeze Dry, LLC (Altered Confections)

Rebecca Moyer (Cottage Food License#14883)


At DnR Freeze Dry LLC, we take your favorite candy that goes from hard, chewy, and sticky to puffy, airy, and with a more intensified flavor in every bite!

We started this business because with Darryl’s cancer causing surgeries in the last few years he is unable to digest raw fruits and vegetables, so we thought we would try freeze dried ones! It turns out he is able to not only chew (with some missing teeth) but also digest them!  So of course we thought of candy!  We thought they were so amazing but very expensive online, so we would like to share ours with you for a more reasonable price.  We also added candied nuts!



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