general crook trail
25 miles of the original General George Crook trail

This is a section of the trail that famous American Indian Wars leader General George Crook blazed from Fort Whipple (Prescott), through Fort Verde (Camp Verde), and on to Fort Apache. The trail descended into the Verde Valley by way of Copper Canyon, the same grade that Interstate 17 drops into the Valley today. After passing through Fort Verde, the route made its way across Clear Creek and up the Mogollon Rim. The trail followed the edge of this escarpment as it continued to Fort Apache. About 12 miles east of Camp Verde, on State Route 260, visitors can still see one of the original chevrons etched into a rock, marking mile number 13.

Today the U.S. Forest Service maintains the General George Crook Trail #130 that retraces 25 miles of the original route. Trail #130 is easily accessible from several forest service roads, allowing for entry to several portions of this historic trail.