Touch a Truck
Family Fun Event

Touch a Truck postponed until February 17

Touch A Truck

Saturday, February 10, 2024

11:00AM – 3:00PM  Postponed until February 17

Join us at the new Sports complex for Touch a Truck! This FREE event provides a unique opportunity for children to explore vehicles of all types – public service, emergency, utility, construction, transportation, delivery and “fun & flashy” trucks – all in one place. Kids will have the opportunity for “hands on” exploration while vehicle operators explain how the vehicle and other equipment works and its purpose in our community.

There will also be a free kids activity play area that includes a sand box with construction vehicles and other miscellaneous activities.

A separate demonstration area will be set up that allows exhibitors to show off their vehicles in operation! Kids will be fascinated as they watch these vehicles in action!

touch a truck

Thank you to this year’s sponsors

Our Big Rig Sponsors

Taylor Waste
Yavapai Broadcasting
Jones Verde Valley

Our Steam Roller Sponsors

United Rentals
Touch A Truck Flyer

Be a Touch A Truck Exhibitor or Sponsor!

Show off your trucks or equipment and engage your business in the community! This is the first event of this kind in the Verde Valley, and we can’t wait for this loud, energetic horsepower-filled event. It’s a time to showcase vehicles that are tough and tactical, fun, and flashy, and represent our heroes and helpers. This event is a wonderful way to build community and to show kids the people and machines that work hard. We need trucks, heavy equipment, emergency vehicles and rigs of every shape and size. You will have the opportunity to show off your vehicle in operation in the demonstration area! Dump dirt! Raise your bucket truck! Lift big pallets! Empty your dumpster! All of this will take place to thrill our young audience!

Types of Vehicles Needed

  • Unique/Rare/Novelty (Limos, monster trucks, antique trucks)
  • Construction (Cement & dump trucks, cement rollers, etc.)
  • Emergency (Ambulances, sheriff & police vehicles, fire trucks & equipment, etc.)
  • Farm Equipment (Big tractors, plows, etc.)
  • Commercial (Postal, delivery, garbage, 18-wheelers, etc.)
  • Military (All types)
  • Recreational (4-wheelers, motorcycles, etc.)