In 2010, a group of avocational archaeologists and volunteers created the Verde Valley Archaeology Center, located in downtown Camp Verde, in an effort to protect what was left of the valley’s ancient people. Their museum on Main Street displays and interprets artifacts from both public and private collections, and in doing so has helped to stem the flow of artifacts leaving the valley. The center has an active research facility that assists archaeologists and government agencies throughout the area in identifying and cataloging artifacts. And they offer a number of programs throughout the year to help educate the public and instill an appreciation for the ancient cultures that have called the Verde Valley home.

The Verde Valley Archaeology Center is now home to the Dyck Collection, 40,000 artifacts excavated locally and gifted to the Verde Valley Archaeology Center by the Paul Dyck Foundation. In addition, the Verde Valley Archaeology Center has the largest and best preserved collection of textiles (weavings) in all of Northern Central Arizona.

Location: 385 S. Main Street, Camp Verde, AZ 86322
Phone: (928) 567-0066
Hours: Tuesday through Saturday: 10:00 am to 2:00 pm.
Self-Guided Tours, No reservations needed. $5 for non-members age 18-64.
Free for members, kids under 18 and adults 65 and over.

Montezuma Castle

National Monument Tours

There are several tour options to visit the National Monuments in the Verde Valley with the Verde Valley Archaeology Research Institute

Archaeological Conservancy Tours

Tours to two of the Archaeological sites in the Verde Valley and Sedona area with experienced guides rom Verde Valley Archaeology Research Institute.

Archaeological conservancy tours
ancient pots

Learn about Archaeology in the Verde Valley

The Verde Valley Archaeology Institute offers classes to members of the Verde Valley Archaeology Center.